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BTS Promises:

The BTS name stands for quality, reliability and top service, and we want to keep it this way. We will do our best to keep our customers satisfied. To back up our commitment to our customers we make seven promises.

1. Always a solution:

BTS cares about you as a customer, regardless whether you are a big or small customer, and will take care of all your specific transportation needs. We strive to understand your needs, and find a solution that makes you a satisfied customer. We believe in “the total trucking concept”, and offer our customers:

  • The whole range of new DAF Trucks, including superstructures if desired
  • A big selection of high quality used vehicles
  • Stock of new trailers
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Financing on vehicles
  • Rental
  • Repairs and maintenance to both trucks and trailers
  • Installation of hydraulic systems
  • Damage repair, and spray painting
  • Driver training and ECO-training
  • New and used spare parts

2. Highest quality

2.1 Repairs done correctly the first time

BTS employs highly qualified and trained mechanics, who use the most up to date tools and equipment. All diagnostics and final checks are verified by our diagnosis mechanics. This enables us to ensure that all the repairs are executed correctly the first time round. If you still require a repair for the same problem we will pay the additional labor and parts costs.

2.2 DAF values and product quality

Our main brand DAF offers a high quality product range, which is backed up by DAF’s core values: quality, security and environment. To live up to these values the latest technologies are utilized in each DAF Truck. This combination of innovation and quality is what sets a DAF truck apart from the rest. DAF trucks are built by people who love trucks and you can see this passion in the small details on a DAF truck, from the steel bumper to the Lexan diffuser, and from the elegant interior to the robust driveline; this all adds up to the convincing quality of a DAF truck, and explains why BTS is a market leader in the competitive tractor segment.

3. Good prices

3.1 Performance driven commercial team

BTS has an efficient and focussed Sales Team and combines this with a clever purchasing policy which enables us to offer you new and used DAF trucks in our region at the best prices.

3.2 High trade-in values

BTS will pay you the best trade-in values for used DAF trucks, and other brands. We can offer you good prices because we sell these trucks ourselves through our network in over 100 countries, so we know we will find the right buyer for your truck.

3.3 Efficient workshop

We are always optimizing our processes and employ knowledgeable mechanics which, combined, ensures that we can work at low prices and do this with high quality results. We order the spare parts that we need for maintenance and repairs a day before the truck comes in to our workshop to ensure we can get your truck on the road as quickly as possible again. If we need spare parts that we did not expect our warehouse employees will deliver these instantly directly to the vehicle: so you will not see mechanics waiting in the warehouse.

3.4 Lowest price guarantee for spare parts

BTS guarantees the lowest price for original DAF spare parts for trucks and trailers, that will be mounted in a BTS workshop. If you find a workshop that would mount the same original DAF spare parts at a lower price BTS will pay you the price difference on those parts.

4. Maximum transparency

4.1 Clear and timely communication

Giving our customers maximum transparency is important to BTS. We inform you about all repair and maintenance work that is required, since our workshop processes emphasize the importance of timely communication. All work on a vehicle starts with a diagnosis which tells us straight away what needs to be done on a vehicle, and which spare parts are required. As soon as we have this information we inform you about the type, cost- and duration of the work. Should you have any questions at the end we are happy to show you the complete workshop statements.

4.2 Clear pricing

As you would expect we tailor our offer to your specific requirements. We take the time to understand exactly what you need so that our offer to you will not have any surprises.

Our motto therefore is: transparency leads to trust!

4.3 Online customer portal

To make your own fleet as transparent as possible we offer our customers an “online fleet overview” of all your vehicles. Through this portal you always have the possibility to see the status of maintenance per vehicle as well as the legal inspections required. In one view you can see what is required, and maintain the information in the portal yourself.

4.4 Maintenance contracts

BTS offers you security and continuity. Regular maintenance intervals clearly increase the lifespan of your fleet. To protect you from unexpected repair costs it makes sense to have a maintenance contract for your fleet. We can offer these contracts at good rates because of our years of experience and cost-efficient organization. If a maintenance contract is of interest, we can always provide you with additional details.

5. Quick response

5.1 Stock vehicles on the road in 3 working days

BTS wants to keep you mobile. When you buy a new or used DAF vehicle that we have on stock we will have it prepared for you within 3 working days from the moment of sale.

5.2 Offers within 3 working days

At BTS we believe our offers need to be clear and tailored to your requirements, and we provide these always within 3 working days. This enables you to make a quick buying decision. When we fail to live up to this standard you can choose a DAF- accessory at our costs.

5.3 Flexible workshop planning

Because of our extensive opening hours our workshop planning is flexible. Within 2 working days you will receive the time for your workshop appointment. We will make sure that your workshop appointment is planned at a convenient time for you.

5.4 24/7 availability

BTS’ skilled employees are available 24 hours a day 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Outside of our opening hours you can reach the DAF-Emergency line NTS / ITS Mobile. If you need a breakdown service in Germany or abroad BTS will manage this for you. It is our job to take your worries away!

5.5 Faults will be cleared directly

BTS helps you quickly when you have a small fault. We have equipped a special diagnostics street especially for small issues. There is a diagnostic mechanic available for our customers who will make sure you vehicle will be able to enter the diagnostics street within 20 minutes.

5.6 Servicing within 24 hours, repairs within 48 hours

BTS helps you to save money by keeping your vehicles on the road! For us, it therefore is logical that a repair is ready within 48 hours, regardless of the complexity of the repair. Any type of standard servicing must be completed within 24 hours. When BTS does not succeed to complete the repair or maintenance within these time lines we give you a free replacement vehicle at your disposal, or you can choose to receive €125,00 discount for each day that the repairs exceed the timelines.

6. Best Service

6.1 Small repairs are free

Not only does BTS help you to get your vehicle quickly on the road again; we like to take our service one step further. Small repairs, that are fixed within 30 minutes and cost less than €10,00 in spare parts, will not be charged to our customers.

6.2 Poolcar, truck rental, and pick-up service

BTS keeps you mobile. During your maintenance and repair works we try to make sure you can always use a replacement vehicle (passenger car). In case there is no vehicle available we will arrange a fitting solution: in case this is required we will arrange a taxi. You can also rent a replacement truck at a very favourable rate. By appointment we can also pick you up or bring you away with our shuttle service.

7. Personal Advice:

7.1 Personal approach

BTS cares for its customers. Personal attention and good, honest advice is the foundation for a trusted customer relation. These trusted relationships are valued by BTS, and we go the extra length to create, and keep these relationships.

7.2 Special service for truck drivers

In each BTS workshop we have created a driver’s lounge. Of course you can drink free coffee and tea here, but we also have free internet access to make you waiting time a bit more pleasant.

7.3 Feedback, ideas, and complaints procedures

BTS welcomes your feedback. Please let us know after our work is completed how you have experienced it. This helps us in optimizing our process and adapting them more to our customers. We handle your ideas, remarks and complaints directly and will respond to you initially within a working day. Complaints can take up to two weeks before we have completely processed them.

7.4 Customer satisfaction

BTS optimizes the quality of its services continuously, and your opinion truly matters in this process. DAF Trucks measures customer satisfaction every year, and these results are discussed with the DAF dealerships in detail and are considered valuable input for every dealer’s operations. The more customers give their opinion the better, so we also hope you let DAF Trucks know how you felt about our service.

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