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Settled in 5 steps

1. Select the optimal vehicle for you

Most of the used trucks that we sell in Dortmund will qualify for leasing. They have to be a maximum of 6 years old. So from our website of in Dortmund choose the vehicle that best suits your needs – we will put indicative leasing prices on the pricing stickers.

2. Apply for a lease contract

Ask your salesman for the information that we need to file your lease application. We usually can give you a good estimation if you fit the criteria to get financing. If you supply all the information we will discuss this with the finance company.

3. Review offer

If your application is successful we will inform you immediately of the conditions and rates. You should review this carefully to ensure you agree with the contract.

4. Accept the offer

If you agree with the offer we need to formally send all the documents to our finance partner. They will verify the documents and sign the contract.

5. Pick up vehicle

We will be paid by the leasing company as soon as everything is agreed. You can collect your vehicle as soon as we have the green light from our partner.