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Global Truck Concept

BTS does not just sell trucks, we aim to provide all services, vehicles and parts that our customers require. Because we are experts, we know what you need, and can make sure you get the best and most cost efficient solution.

BTS Used maintenance systems

Workshop services

Service that inspires! That is the best, and only way, to describe our service offering in the workshop.

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BTS Used can arrange transport and shipment of your vehicle

Transport & Shipping

We can deliver your truck or trailer anywhere in Germany or any other part of the world.

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Finance a new or used DAF Truck


We can offer various types of vehicle finance in Germany and in other European countries to suit your capital requirements.

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BTS Used Parts and Accesories

Parts & Accessories

We have a large stock of truck and trailer parts. We are specialized in parts of DAF but also offer parts from all European brands. Our range includes skylights, tanks and engines.

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We offer a wide range of new and used parts for trucks and trailers

Transit plates

Will you collect your vehicle at BTS? We offer different types of international, temporary license plates.

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Toll collect

BTS will prepare your vehicle for the road by installing an OBU and arranging the registration with Toll Collect. All vehicles above 12 tonnes require an OBU.

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More information about transit plates

Documents & Certificates

We can arrange all required documentation to import/export or register your vehicle.

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Sell your vehicle

We buy vehicles directly at fair prices and via a smooth process. You can also trade-in a vehicle when you purchase a new or used truck.

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BTS Used TÜV inspection

TÜV Inspection

We offer a full registration service for our customers. We can arrange a TÜV inspection and execute any follow-up work required.

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Feel free to call, email or visit us. We are happy to listen to your requirements and will respond as quickly as we can.

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