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Transport your vehicle all over Europe

Transport across Germany and Europe

We know the importance of having your truck or trailer in use as soon as possible. Therefore transport is an important part of our full service concept.

We offer you transport throughout Europe. Because of our own transportfleet and our wide network with international transport companies, we can transport your vehicle throughout Europa at competitive rates.

Transport to all European harbors

A large percentage of our vehicles is shipped to countries outside of the European union, so we understand we need to deliver to strict time lines to get your vehicles to a port in time for the ship to set sail. Typically we get your vehicle to your port of choice within 24 hours. In the table below you find our rates for transporting vehicles from Dortmund to various European ports:

Tractorhead * Truck*
The Netherlands
Vlissingen € 175 ,- € 250 ,-
Rotterdam € 175 ,- € 250 ,-
Antwerp € 175 ,- € 250 ,-
Zeebrugge € 175 ,- € 250 ,-
Kiel € 550 ,- € 750 ,-
Lubeck € 550 ,- € 750 ,-
Travemunde € 550 ,- € 750 ,-

* All prices are indicative and dependent on the vehicle type and the size of the vehicle(s).

If you require transport to a different port, or if you require additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Speedy shipping guaranteed

We guarantee fast and cheap shipping. We have good relationships with the largest shipping companies and will make sure your vehicle will be shipped on the first available boat.

Low prices

We are always happy to provide you a shipping quote. Rarely our customers find a cheaper way of shipping their vehicles. Our prices are always inclusive of all costs and we take care of the necessary transport documentation.


If you choose to, we will also insure your vehicle for damage caused as a result of the shipment. We offer this insurance at 1% of the sales price of the vehicle(s), please ask your salesperson for additional information.

Stay up to date

You will stay informed of the logistical process through our online customer portal, which you can find in “My BTS Used”. Every step of the vehicle’s journey will be indicated, from delivery in the harbor and expected date of arrival to the status of the required documents.

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