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The competent and well-trained BTS workshop team will advise you on-, and ensure that, all your maintenance needs are met. Technology used in trucks moves forward fast, so when it comes to servicing trucks and trailers we believe that it is essential that all of our staff are continuously trained and are experts in the latest truck technologies. And it does not stop with training: for our team to be able to carry out the maintenance at the highest standards we give them the best tools and computers to analyse and repair your vehicles.

Our maintenance systems that we have developed, based on our own experience in maintaining vehicles, support us in planning your scheduled maintenance (e.g. TÜV), updating you fleet to meet legal requirements, or ensuring we equip your vehicles with new technological features that reduce the price per kilometre.

We also help you to keep the costs of your fleet’s maintenance in check. We tailor the maintenance agreements to your needs ensuring you know which costs you can expect, and at the same time minimise the required costs.

We offer the full spectrum of services for both trucks and trailers. The services that we offer include:

  • All maintenance and warranty checks required to keep your trucks, trailers and, for instance, refrigerator units under warranty and legal
  • Emergency and scheduled repairs
  • Emission checks for all types
  • Electrical- / electronic repairs or programming (e.g. Wabco systems)
  • Hydraulic services
  • Replacing the floor of a trailer
  • Safety checks according to §29
  • Digital / analog tacho checks